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New designer brand based between Moscow and Antwerp.

GRAVITEIGHT the idea is to create a wardrobe that gives you the opportunity to change the way during the day, adapting to the circumstances. Every thing can be worn and transformed using specially devised for the accessories and decorative elements that are an integral part of the collection.


GRAVITEIGHT not alien to the idea of androgyny, but the brand's designers never stop, clothing is transformers, which you can use to "switch" not only with the daily business of the image at the evening gala, but

and with strict on feminine, romantic.


GRAVITEIGHT says about femininity in the language of conceptual minimalism, abandoning the pretentiousness in favor of brevity: fitted silhouette, exposed shoulders, which barely touches the transparent organza or tulle, delicate lace appliques.




Mia Muzo is the Russian brand of women's clothing in the mid-premium segment.


"My Muse" - so translates the name from Esperanto.


Not surprisingly, it was he who was chosen by the brand's creators: the Mia Muzo collections are as universal and stylistically understandable as the grammar rules of this artificially created international language.


In the collections of Mia Muzo you can find images for a variety of occasions: for business lunch, and for a date, and for an evening out.


The basis of the assortment is feminine dresses, ideally sitting due to carefully adjusted patterns. Materials and accessories are purchased in Italy and France, and the design studio and production are located in Russia, which allows you to control the quality at every stage of the process.


The combination of actual silhouettes, perfect planting, fabrics of the highest quality and timeless feminine style will make looks from the collections of Mia Muzo an indispensable part of modern lady wardrobe.




Rasario is a Russian brand of luxury segment representing a limited collection of women's evening and cocktail dresses.


The brand was created by designer Raceday Lakoba in 2012

and quickly became known for its feminine dresses, is flattering owner.


A key feature of the brand is to work with ultra-feminine silhouettes of the products. Business card Rasario – dresses-bustier, perfect fit is achieved by careful work with a cut and design. At the core of each lies the bustier corset that is created by hand, which ensures maximum attention to all details

and quality of execution.


An equally important role in creating eye-catching outfits Rasario is working with fabrics. Collections of the brand are difficult choice of textured fabrics, which are often combined in a single product, creating a refined compound. In the production of the collection uses fabrics from leading manufacturers from around the world, who personally selects Rasida Lakoba, constantly attending international fairs and factory, and tracking the latest trends and developments in this area.


Combining a feminine silhouette, perfect fit, luxurious materials, attention to detail and quality products, the items in the collection Rasario included in the category of the outfits "out of time", is appropriate for any event.







The Russian brand, which draws inspiration from the national and religious clothing of different countries and ancient civilizations. Modifying the ancient elements of the costume, designer and founder of the brand MaYa, transforms them into an actual everyday casual and cocktail shape.


 MaYa clothing is a kind of religion, combining a meaningful abstract image with an ideal cut, and also promotes sexuality without vulgarity. The MaYa woman does not have to prove her superiority, she sees herself as beautiful and self-assured, appreciates the maximum convenience, but at the same time seeks to always look harmonious.


The debut show of the brand was held the spring of 2014th as

a part of Mersedes Benz Fashion Week Russia.




Alina  German  brand  has  always  used  The  Woman  as  a  source  of  inspiration,  and  so  this  collection  is

made about as well. The Woman - strong, intelligent, with a self - irony touch, who knows the rules of the

fashion world and break them in her own way.


While a perfect body became a cult in a modern world, and it is more and more often shown without

any coverage, our Woman always stays temptress showing only innocent parts of herself - ankles, hands,

collarbones. But this quasi modesty is only a voile because she is absolutely con€dent about her allure-



There are several concepts in this collection and they are perfect puzzle parts for each other: from tight

skirts  and  dresses  made  out  of  vintage  t  -  shirts  to  almost  unsubstantial  organza  pieces  with  haute

couture level hand work in combination with unre€ned leather texture.


Vintage t-shirts are used in many ways in this collection- as a material and a source of inspiration, but

more  as  a  statement:  The  Woman  has  no  age.  Self-irony  is  always  her  companion;  she  could  be  born

long after the last Nirvana concert and wear a skirt made of fan t - shirt, or she could remember the 90s

when she was hype wearing the same t-shirt as a dress. In Alina German pieces every woman becomes

the heroine and the muse at the same time. Old t-shirts is our allusion to time, because everything is

transformed past culture to a new future. One more point we want to put attention to by re-using mate-

rials is the resources limits in a world that has ыirrever sibly changed.


Simple silhouettes and forms of black leather pieces are looking even better worn atop of almost trans-

parent silk organza blouses and pants. They are translucent in a way to intrigue but not to reveal - and

so does The Woman by Alina German.






Brand Annette Hoffmann was found in 2015 and is striving to win fashion audience’s hearts so far. Despite the fact, there are already many shiny magazines’ editors, show business representatives, popular bloggers and stylists among brand’s admirers.


All brand collections became a certain anthem to youth and femininity, however not a confident and mature one, but incipient and affecting, like flower bud. Tender and pure colors are at most real to nature’s tints.


You can notice different historical epoch moments in this high waistline, volume sleeves and elegant clasps made of silky eyelets.


Floaty and streamy silhouettes make this imponderable and innocent girly style, and laconic architectural cuts together with thick luxurious materials will empower and ensure every woman who wears these pieces of art by Annette Hoffman.


Annette Hoffman is a pure creativity and inspiration. Inspiration of music, art, architecture, photos, fashion and nature... Brand’s hero is brave and extraordinary, and at the same time tender and spirited.


Founder of Annette Hoffman eponymous brand has been

a successful stylist for many years and made several great collections for other brands, but her own perfectionism and deep emotional feelings became a push to her self-expression in the whole collection and creation of her own brand.


By learning to appreciate every moment and living every second mindfully, brand’s creator is striving to let women feel the spicy power of freedom, air and immense sky.







Maison D'ANGELANN brand was founded in 2014 by Anna Chibisova and Angelika Svyatash.


The friendship history of these girls accounts for many years… They share a lot in common, namely love for art and fashion, fascination with beautiful and interesting products, which in time flowed into an overwhelming desire to create a refined and elegant outfits that not only would be loved by women, but essentially catch amazed men’s looks! To put their ideas in real life, they use natural fabric of the highest quality, in combination with famous classical materials such as lace and silk, cashmere and wool, as well as the technique of re-interpretation of parts of patterns, which allows for new, unprecedentedly beautiful and unexpectedly feminine silhouettes to be born. Additionally to the main line, the girls are releasing seductive Maison D'Angelann beachwear, where you will find everything for cruises, travel and leisure.


Despite the fact that the brand Maison D'ANGELANN has been created very recently, the growing demand in it, which we see today in many cities around the world is impressive, with boutiques opening and more show rooms to come. Of course, Anna and Angelika are not stopping here, because of their desire to create and develop, they burst with new ideas and ambitious plans, and they have only started!





Roseville is a young fashion label founded in 2014. The brand draws its inspiration from the elegant époque of 1950s, combining retro silhouettes with modern cut and styling.


Roseville signature features are feminine cut, high-quality fabrics and perfect fit. All fabrics are sourced from the best producers located in Italy, France as well as Japan. The brand presents its vision of perfect wardrobe – easy to combine, functional and feminine.


Despite its young age, Roseville has already become popular among celebrities, it-girls as well as fashion press and stylists. The brand is nominated for “Designer of the year” award in Glamour magazine’s “Woman of the year” ceremony taking place in 2016 amongst some of Russia’s most prominent designers.





The team of like-minded people, driven by the ideological and creative inspiration of its founder - Yuri Pitenin.


At the crossroads of cultures and contradictions, inspired by St. Petersburg and admiring Tokyo, we are creating our own reality and a new universe since 2014.


With Japanese accuracy and Russian scope, mixing incongruous, we create something new, not related to anything, for our completely ordinary and special girl.


Giving preference to natural fabrics and non-standard execution of cuts, we create our own style, direct beauty without excess.


We are the brand which propagandize the brand.






 Masterpeace is a clothing, jewelry and accessories brand founded in Moscow in 2012 by sisters Evgenia and Irina Linovich. Inspired by the richness of ancient fine arts and crafts, the Masterpeace collection is an avantgarde reinvention of different nation’s noble heritage.


Dedicated to traveling and researching of traditions and national craftsmanship, once Masterpeace was created. DNA of a brand consists of using best natural fabrics and traditional hand techniques of decoration and embroidery.


n 2012 accessories brand Masterpeace began to exist. In 2014 the brand added clothing collection, first in collaboration with Moscow based Korean designer J.Kim, and from AW 2016 Masterpeace clothing line is created by Evgenia and Irina.Each collection is focused on a specific art form, combining elements of old tradition with the identity of a woman who loves to amuse.


Masterpeace’s retail partners through seasons included Kirna Zabete, Opening Ceremony, Moda Operandi, Matches Fashion, StyleBop and Net-A-Porter, La Rinascente, DNA, Aizel and TSUM.Masterpeace has achieved press placements in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar US, Vogue Japan, Vogue.com, Style.com Arabia, Buro 24/7, Allure Russia, and L’Officiel Russia, As If, Porter Magazine, CR Fashion Book. The brand has been photographed on Miroslava Duma, Giovanna Battaglia, Natalia Vodianova, Elena Perminova, Elsa Hosk, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, June Ambrose and Lindsey Wixson, Ksenia Sobchak, Ekaterina Mukhina, Laysan Utyasheva.





“The life is as just one step, the important is to choose the right direction and enjoy it.” Dima Neu

This is the philosophy of a man who never doubted his choice. It seemed that the stars themselves have prepared the fate of the child, who was born in the family of a tailor and an artist. Anatomy and geometry, sculpture and architecture, futurism and ethnics were engraved in maestro’s mind in the process of creating a unique image of DIMANEU’s heroine. The unique author's fit could not be confused with anything. It was it that became a kind of "drug" for his clients, being noticed by the critics at the first appearance of the designer’s collection on the catwalk.


"The best debut work, of course, was presented by DIMANEU. Each image has a strong and finished fit, material choice, application of certain man details in a women collection.” - Jean Luca Longo for British Vogue

Dima Neu was born and raised in Omsk, Siberia. Dima's grandmother was a tailor in three generations. Thanks to her at the age of 3 years he caught fire with a dream to become a fashion designer. His father was an artist, so the aptitude to drawing he developed in his son since the very childhood. Perhaps it is because the roots of the talent of the designer go deep into his generation, he draws his inspiration not among modern fashion sources, but from the very beginning of the appearance of the suit of different nations, giving them the spirit of futurism.


When Dima was 21 years old he graduated Omsk State Institute of Service with a degree in suit design (2006). He also became a laureate of such Russian national and international competitions. The designer also took a course of “Experimental Design” at St. Martin College in London, UK. (Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (2006 г.).

In 2011, designer competed for the title of the winner of the Russian version of the "Project Runway" on Mtv. That was the basis for the opening of the brand under his own name. At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia the debut collection "Anatomy" by DIMANEU, presented on March 25, 2012, got a huge number of comments.


Since that time DIMANEU is оne of the brightest representatives of Russian fashion industry. The designer of the famous unique conceptual geometric forms and patterns that conquered not only Russian audience but also reached the world level. His collections are published in British Vogue and Mary Claire, the international portal VOGUE.COMand most Russian fashion magazines and portals. Recently Dima also gave an interview for Vogue Italy: he spoke about his victories in the competition Italy Calls Russia and the Russian Runway Project. At the Fashion Summer Awards 2016 in June, established channel FashionTV, designer received the award as the best participant of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Nowaday the collection of DIMANEU SS2017 can be purchased at the Central Department Store in Moscow (TSUM) and in 12 stores throughout Russia. Demand for the clothing brand is growing rapidly. In this regard, in February 2015 DIMANEU and the Agency "Artifact" signed a contract for 8 seasons, during which the premiere collection DIMANEU in Russia will be demonstrated at the largest fashion week in Eastern Europe - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Due to which buyers from all over the world can enjoy and ordered the collection first on the best ground in Moscow.





The Seven Lab is a young, dynamically developing Russian outerwear brand of high quality wool, cashmere and velvet, with furnish from natural fur. The brand was created by designer Yuliya Kudryavtseva in St. Petersburg in 2012 and quickly became famous thanks to the perfect fit and unusual for clothing decoration.


The brand Lab presents Seven collections of clothes from the basic cozy coats to textured , decorated by various combinations of fur and leather, coat coats, bombers, jackets and parkas. On the creation and production of clothing collections has a team of professionals. Womens clothing Seven Lab has its own unique style and design based on the ideas of young Russian designers.


A key feature of the brand is to work with different types of fur and their combinations. Business card Seven Lab – coat with long sleeves with fur pockets, perfect fit is achieved by careful work with a cut and design. Each pocket is created manually, ensuring maximum attention to detail and quality.








JD.Julia Davidian  is a niche brand, targeting the style of women and girls, who prefer avant-garde in the segment of modern fashion. The brand is developing in several directions: clothing and  jewellery made of coloured gems and precious metals.


Making a lot of experiments with the form and the materials, having studied the markets of bijou and jewellery, Julia decided to put together her knowledge creating a collection in the current trend of bijou jewellery. Jewellery for every day at rather democratic prices and with a minimalistic style is a fashion accessory to complement the image. Understated geometry makes them up-to-date at all times, and precious materials – desirable for every girl. JD collection of clothes is a strict laconism, in a wrap of femininity. Silhouettes of models and cuts of each item of the collection designer , created based on the image of a lady who wants to find something special  in daily casual elegance. Minimalistic in the forms  emphasize femininity and reveal the individual style of each woman is the main collection of Julia Davidian.


A laconic name of the brand goes to the heart of its aesthetics. JD.Julia Davidian  is a brand combining in itself minimalism and texture, avant-garde and emphasis, thanks to which usual jewellery looks stylish, classy and noble.





Mara was born and raised in Athens. From a young age she was an artistic and restless personality, experimenting with colors, shapes and fabrics till now, as never being classic or obvious. Since then she remembered herself to be passionate in everything related to fashion. This passion turned to a very successful career as a Costume Designer, Stylist and later as a Fashion Editor in international magazines in Greece with lots of editorials in her portfolio.

Her passion for creating and the extensive experience she had from the fashion industry, led to a personal professional move; her involvement with jewelry. The implementation of the project started in January 2014, at her studio where she “allows” the inspiration to approach her and make her ideas come true with love and passion; full of light and positive energy.

Art, travel, history, cinema, photography, music, are all mixed in the compositions of her jewelry. She designs always focusing on the feminine style, detail and quality.

Of course flavored by the long fashion experience the designs are always in tune with the coming trends and colors but always adapted to themes that are inspired her. Thus each season’s collections is built like a clothing collection, with a new point of view, a new color palette and mix and match styles.

She uses a variety of methods and contradictions of materials to bring her ideas to life. Embracing both traditional hand-crafting skills as well as the most modern of technology.







The history of the brand «PER TE» is the history of fruitful cooperation between Italian and Russian designers of footwear and craftsmen for almost 20 years. One of the few Russian productions, keeping pace with the times and having their own face.

The team of real professionals works on the creation of new footwear collections, relying on the latest trends of the world fashion.

All models of shoes are made only from high-quality leather and suede, so any pair is distinguished by elegance and elegance, as well as practicality and convenience.

Today, the brand «PER TE» is an exquisite, feminine and at the same time reliable footwear.





We are pleased to present a womenswear brand KONDAKOVA founded by Russian designer Anastasia Kondakova. The company came into market in 2015 and was remarkably distinguished by Vogue Italy, Vogue Russia, L'Officiel, Buro 24/7 and other fashion editorials as sustainably growing young brand.


A real woman's history underlies each collection. The woman who chooses her own path and makes the external environment fit to her mood. Most of the pieces are made using couture technique what guarantees perfect fit and unique cut. Fabrics are delicately selected from the best factories of Italy, France, Portugal and Spain, and follow the latest worldwide runway trends. Connoisseurs cannot stay indifferent. Thoroughly selected high quality decorations aim to emphasize heroine’s elegance.


Each fabric print is created to uncover the main theme of collection and most of the time is selected as “the best future trend” on the well-known Paris Exhibition. The company is very proud of its victories and aims to promote “made in Russia” brand worldwide.


Our delicately shaped collections of the premium segment show excellence and deserve the highest praise of the most sophisticated client. The basic collection creates the unique “day-to-night” outfit and is accompanied by the base line pieces creating perfect fit.



Is a Russian women brand specializing in cocktail, evening and basic dresses. The brand combines democratic pricing with premium quality of its products.


The brand’s founder and creative director, Julia Shangina, started her studying at Istituto Marangoni in London and graduated in Milan. Julia felt Italian designers’ feminine style was closer to her than London’s grunge-themed street style. The ability to combine luxury brands and mass-market garments impersonates Julia’s unique brand style.

In Milan, the future designer studied the fundamentals of fashion industry, from the history of fashion to the garment manufacturing process, where Julia Shangina discovered many new interesting fabrics and technologies and got the idea of using lace with the most unexpected geometric prints as the main fabric of her future brand. That is how the concept of the brand was born - without inventing complex garments, HOUSE OF FAME brand produces simple models that would fit perfectly any kind of figure, while the lace design sets the style of the dress.


The brand draws inspiration from the romance of Italian style, from the art of lacemaking and of course from the runways of world fashion capitals. Its distinctive style that defines the brand’s DNA is born from the contrast between a soft silhouette and clear-cut lines, between classical elements and provocative sexuality. At the same time, HOUSE OF FAME is renowned for its democratic prices, which let the admirers of feminine and romantic looks to diversify their wardrobe more frequently.


Scatter of sequins, exclusive lace designs, bold yet elegant trims and exclusive fabrics – this is what HOUSE OF FAME world is about.






The new brand of women's knitwear of the premium segment belongs to the family enterprise "Jacotе", founded in Moscow

in 1987.



The company is well known in the market as a manufacturer of children's accessories and clothing, producing products under

the brands: "Jacote Kids and Gifts", "Ultis"



Creation of the brand "Cepheya" was a new stage in the development of the company, demonstrating its capabilities in creating a collection "total look", which includes a wide range of things from accessories to coats.


The ideological component in the design of the first collection

lies in the plane of stylization of the "New Russian style". The style emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, as powerful and vivid propaganda, of the "Russian Seasons" of the Diaghilev Ballet in Paris. Further the brand plans to turn to themes of Russian art, the work of painters and architects as sources of creative inspiration for creating modern collections.



Katerina Hasse has opened a tailoring shop for fur products 15 years ago. She improved her skills with the best specialists of Germany and Denmark constantly.


Eminent Russian designers - Slava Zaitsev, Tanya Kotegova, Igor Chapurin, Alena Akhmadullina, Ulyana Sergeenko, Alexander Terekhov, Natasha Turovnikova and Rustam Khamdamov trusted her to create fur collections.


10 years ago Katerina Hasse has established the brand XASSA™. The motto of Xassa™ is to love what you do, not to be afraid to experiment and follow the chosen path.







The women’s clothing brand  Miro was founded in Moscow in 2016 and has already presented 2 successful collections, which were remembered by the buyers with natural materials, handmade work and recognizable style, combining femininity with surprisingly elegant irony and sensuality. Silhouettes and cut Miro - an example of the use of architectural principles in the creation of clothing, there - a lot of volume, air, space and dynamics, they are mobile, laconic, thoughtful and structured.


To realize their ideas and images, Miro uses only expensive and high-quality materials of Italian origin - wool, fluffy angora, silk taffeta, cashmere and complement them with handmade details - embroidery and appliqué.


Among the clients of the brand are singer Vera Brezhneva, Sati Kazanova, Natalia Podolskaya and Kristina Orbakaite, radio host  Rita Mitrofanova, actresses Anfisa Chernykh, Elena Podkaminskaya and Lukerya Ilyashenko and others.


Despite the young  age of the brand, Miro's clothes are already in demand in America, China and Europe.


The creative director and founder of the brand Yana Muravyova calls the brand's philosophy the desire for true beauty, the creation of original and authentic things that would not only lose their relevance, after a few seasons, but will also revive the tradition of  long relations with the wardrobe. “Fast fashion is not something that we are interested in. Miro does not do things that you can wear once and forget. Miro are things which you will be associated with stories”.





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